Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup: Featured Artist – Krustyvibez

Hello everyone. Welcome to Halo United. The place that unites all the Halo Community goodness in one place. This week we’ve got another Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup for you all to enjoy, so be ready for some awesome Halo Community creations.

This spotlight piece will be showing off artwork by Krustyvibez. Krustyvibez creates artwork in real life using Halo figures. This is commonly known as toy photography, and Krustyvibez does an excellent job at it.

Krustyvibez was kind enough to send us some artwork, along with some background information on how they got into toy photography. This is what Krustyvibez had to say regarding their background:

“I have been doing photography since 2015 but started toy photography in December of 2019. I stumbled upon a few toy photography pages and had no idea this was a thing. As a matter of fact it’s a whole community.

I wasn’t a collector before this but I saw an opportunity to tap into my imagination and have fun. I love science fiction so naturally I veered toward Lego Star Wars. Not too long after I started finding and purchasing Halo figures. I was 11 when CE debuted and have been hooked since.

I’m happy I can relive the excitement I got then and now from the franchise through my work. I’ve met a lot of great people and have made quite a few friends in the last year and a half doing what I do. I’ve also created some opportunities for myself.”

A huge thank you Krustyvibez for that information. They also shared with us their creative process with us, which we’ll share after showing off some of their amazing artwork. Please enjoy the artwork below.

Hunting party

I Want My Scalps


No Rest For The Weary

Remember Reach

Spray And Slay

Violence Is Imminent

As promised, Krustyvibez was kind enough to share their creative process, so please enjoy it below:

My creative process varies. Half of the time ideas just pop up in my head because of something I saw while scrolling on IG, driving, or heard while listening to music. The other half I spend time on Pinterest, watching movies, or playing a game to help spark ideas. I haven’t really found a set routine. I love what I do so it seems to come naturally.

A huge thank you to Krustyvibez for sending over all that information along with some amazing artwork. If you’d like to see more from Krustyvibez, you can do so on their Twitter Account and Linktree.

Now it’s time to move onto the Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup, which gives a peak at the past week of features that have gone live over on Halo Spotlight.

Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup

This past week showed off another amazing Musician in the Halo community, along with reaching out to the worldwide Halo community to bring a Q&A with a Spanish Content Creator. Please enjoy a snippet of those pieces below.

Musician Feature: Audio Arcturia



Of course the pieces above are just two examples of the incredible music that Audio Arcturia has created. To see more music and a bit of an insight into Audio Arcturia’s mind, you can read the full piece here.

Content Creator Q&A: Isifire

Question: For those who may not know you, could you tell us a little bit of background on who you are, and how you got into Halo?

“First of all, I’m 20 years old, my name is Isidro and I’m a Spanish Content Creator. I have played Halo since I was a child with my father and now I still keep playing and enjoying the saga but also making content and collaborating with the community. I make videos in my YouTube channel Isifire, my favourite platform for upload content.”

The above is just one question and one answer of many that appeared in the full Q&A, so be sure to check Halo Spotlight to read the full article here.

Halo Spotlight Presents

Halo Spotlight Presents hasn’t stopped adding new artwork to it’s line-up, so be sure to check out the full section on Halo Spotlight.

AphonicWanderer / Areogous has continuously been adding new pieces to their Halo Spotlight Presents page, so be sure to check it out here.

Another One Bites The Dust

Another week, another Halo Spotlight Weekly Roundup. We know it’s sad that it’s come to an end, but we’ll be back next week to provide yet another piece, so keep your chin up and look forward to that piece.

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