Video of The Week – FINAL Halo 2 Montage by Zentz Productions

Halo has always had an incredibly strong video community, one that has come in many forms, whether it be machinima, lore, news, gameplays and even montages. Video is my favorite medium, I majored in Video Production and spent countless hours editing, acting, and voicing in machinimas over the years, so what better way to share my love for Halo and the medium than putting together our “Video of The Week’!

For our first Video of The Week, I wanted to showcase one of many incredible videos from Jordon Zentz of Zentz Productions. I stumbled upon Zentz’s work a couple of weeks ago on Twitter and was astounded by the amount of time and effort put into each video. As mentioned earlier, I studied Video Production, so naturally the video grabbed my attention with its intricacies, but more so impressed me. I simply had to watch more.

After being dazzled by incredible gameplay, transitions, cuts, fades, beat cuts, and tremendous music choice, I had to reach out to Zentz for more information on his inspiration for Halo Montage. I wanted to know why he has continued to create these masterpieces over quite a few years. (We’ll hear more about this another time)

I truly feel his level of work is more of a cinematic experience, different from many montages that I personally remember experiencing over the years, but certainly takes cues from classic Halo Montages. We’ll be sure to go more in-depth with Zentz Productions in the future, but today we wanted to focus on his latest work for Sheney called “Final Halo 2 Montage”.

After speaking with Zentz about the above video, I figured he’d be the best person to talk about it. He provided a little background to the project:

“Sheney is a Halo 2 player that used to compete on the MLG circuit back when H2 was featured. He and I before this year did not have much of a working relationship, but we had played together here and there throughout the years. When I dropped The Reunion, Sheney happened to be looking for an editor for his final Halo 2 montage. He was planning to have this video be his final because of the level of gameplay and so he can turn his focus towards the PC launch of MCC and Infinite later this year. The running joke with his video is that he had made two final Halo 2 montages already and that this would be his final, final, final montage for that game. We were using the title as a joke, but it stuck for us.”

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for a Featured Creator post with Zentz Productions. We’ll be going more in-depth about his videos, inspiration and purpose for creating these masterpieces!
If you’d like to see more of Zentz’s work you can check him out on his YouTube Channel, and follow him on Twitter.

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